Refiner Spline Technology Continues to Drive the Refiner Business

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Fall of 2014 marked the sale of our 1000th installation of refiner spline technology. Spline technology delivers improved refiner performance resulting in longer refiner plate life and lower energy consumption. Customers can purchase spline technology for existing DD®3000 and DD®4000 refiners as a field upgrade or during a factory rebuild. We also supply spline technology as a standard in our DD®6000 refiner.

We began selling our first version of spline technology, the DD®3500 and DD®4500 in 2001. We developed our patented second generation Equa-Flo® spline technology in 2005. It is the only technology in the world that allows the transport of stock through the refiner hub. All other technologies require stock to pass through the rotor, which can cause an uneven refiner plate gap that is detrimental to refining. It has been the key to our success in refining and truly differentiates us from our competitors.


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