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Pulp & Packaging Calenders

GL&V provides custom designed pulp and packaging calenders to suit today’s process challenges and best utilize limited machine room space when necessary. GL&V provides complete calender rebuilds in support of refurbishment and relocation projects. GL&V also provides complete calender roll engineering and replacements for any OEM brand.

In addition to new calenders and pulp densifying presses GL&V also reconditions and refurbishes used calenders, rolls, and loading systems at the Hudson Falls, NY facility.

GL&V offeres custom rebuild and equipment solutions in support of your calender equipment and process needs.

  • GL&V offers new pulp and packaging calenders
  • GL&V provides complete calender and housing replacements and design services


  • GL&V offers comprehensive engineering and equipment reconditioning and refurbishing services to extend the life of existing equipment to enable customers to realize process improvements



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