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Mechanical Installation, Dryer NDE, Dryer Rerating

GL&V provides technical dryer section services and evaluations as well as mechanical installation services.

GL&V technical services include dryer section NDE as well as mechincal audits of dryer subsystems. These can be targeted for capacity increases or improved reliability. Mechanical services include dryer installation, head replacement, and installation of all dryer section mechanical equipment.

  • Dryer Section NDE and Dryer Re-Rating
  • Dryer Section Drive, Felt System, and Reliability Audits
  • Mechanical Installation of Dryers, Heads, and Dryer System Parts
  • In-Place Repairs
  • AE Testing
  • Technical Service by dedicated dryer system engineers and technicians
  • Mechanical Services backed by an OEM with technical personnel on had
  • NDE Services data interpreted by staff that build and refurbish dryers every day
  • NDE Services backed by the people that can make repairs or replacement parts

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