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GL&V offers modern and robust paper machine clothing guides and controllers. These are modern products based on years of successful supply and design. Guides are double bellows type. They are available in a range of sizes in both ductile iron and stainless steel. Integrated hand-guides are also available. Controllers are available in double and single acting models. GL&V guides are designed for use in the fourdrinier, press, and dryer sections.

GL&V guides are available in four sizes, two mounting types, and two materials. The guide mounting types are suitable for pintle or cartridge type housings. Typically a model can be found to retro-fit older installations with little modification. A stainless steel hand-guide can be integrated into the guide mounting assembly. Controllers are available in double and single acting types. Custom modifications or guides can be designed and constructed if required.

  • Diaphragms and needle bearings can be replaced without removing the guide form the machine
  • Needle bearing ride on replaceable ways
  • Controllers can replace virtually all other OEM brands
  • Guides are robust and easy to maintain
  • Maintenance centered design
  • Double acting design guide
  • Robust controller type available

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