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Foundry Capacity and Machining

Originally built in 1858 in Hudson Falls NY, GL&V operates a large iron foundry specializing in short run castings in gray and ductile iron.

Gray iron castings up to 45,000 lbs. and ductile iron castings of up to 25,000 lbs. can be accommodated. Large cleaning, sandblasting, and heat treating equipment facilitate additional manufacturing practices for large castings and other components. Cast iron pressure vessels are our specialty, along with medium and large casting in low or medium quantities. Manufacturing in the USA enables short delivery times for North America.

  • Gray Irons in Class 40,45,50 up to 45,000 lbs.
  • Ductile Grades in 60-40-18, 60-45-10, 80-55-06, 80-60-03, and 100-70-01 up to 25,000 lbs.
  • Rapid lead-times
  • Highly flexible scheduling and production capacity
  • In-house pattern making, modifications and repair
  • Engineering and machining services available

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