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Felt Stretchers

Dryer section felt stretchers are in virtually every paper machine dryer section. GL&V can supply new felt systems to previously un-felted sections, or can replace aging or failed weight loaded stretchers with robust pneumatic types.

GL&V offers a robust and traditional design felt stretcher. It normally features an enveloping chain, fully captured carriage, and remote pneumatic tensioner. These can be supplied as complete systems or as stretcher and tensioner only. Special requests can be accommodated as well with hydraulic powered, electric or weight loaded types furnished when requested.

  • Fabricated steel construction
  • Typically equipped with integrated seam squaring mechanism
  • Pneumatic cylinder tension standard, though other types can be accommodated
  • T.S. and D.S. carriages timed by driven cross shaft 
  • The design can be integrated into most existing machines, including retro-fitting weight loaded units or machines with exceptionally high hood temperatures
  • Robust mechanical design utilizes air pressure to accommodate dryer wraps and wads
  • Take-ups can be customized per customer needs


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