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Complete Dryer Sections

Single-Tier & Uni-Run Sections, Two-Tier Sections, Vertical or Three-Tier Dryer Sections

GL&V’s Hudson Falls, NY facility has been supplying machinery to the pulp & paper industry since 1858. Dryer systems are available in all configurations; single tier, two tier, three tier, and vertical. Virtually any scope of supply can be accommodated; from partial components to complete new sections including major subsystems. Upgrades can be integrated into any original machine builder’s equipment. Most speeds and grades can be accommodated.

GL&V can supply dryer section upgrades from drive conversions and small additions to complete new dryer sections. Rebuilds are always custom designed and manufactured for the customer’s needs. Rebuilds have encompassed anything from 400 fpm pulp machines to 3500+ fpm rebuilds and modifications. Capacity increases with difficult space constraints often found in North American mills are common. Stand alone subsystems can be provided such as mechanical drive conversions and felt system additions or upgrades.

  • Design history in all paper grades
  • 30+ Dryer section rebuilds since 1997
  • Project specific custom manufacture and design
  • Sections can be built from refurbished or new components
  • Capacity and efficiency increase
  • Modern design and construction
  • Rapid delivery
  • 150+ year tradition of quality
  • Increased reliability

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