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Complete Dryer Assemblies, Heads, Dryer Reconditioning

Replacement Dryer Drums, Dryer Heads, and Dryer Reconditioning

GL&V is North America’s sole cast iron dryer foundry. Virtually all typical paper machine dryer sizes and materials can be accommodated. Replacement dryers and heads for most machine builders can be supplied. GL&V will also refurbish dryers for reuse (ASME code drums only).

GL&V can manufacture many dryer types and sizes domestically. Replacement dryer heads can be economically and rapidly manufactured. Pressure ratings beyond 160 PSIG can be accommodated. Design, casting, machining, assembly, and balance are done at GL&V USA’s Hudson Falls, NY USA facility. GL&V also commonly refurbishes existing ASME code dryers for reuse. For dryer reconditioning, a preliminary inspection is required with a work-scope developed from the inspection.

  • 24”, 36”, 42”, 48” 60” and 72” dryers available
  • Gray and Ductile Iron grades available(pour weight limitations on ductile)
  • ASME, NBIC, and CE Certifications
  • 35,000 code dryers supplied since 1945
  • 50,000+ dryer supplied since 1858
  • Rapid delivery
  • Dedicated dryer facility engineering and manufacturing personnel
  • Equipment supply for any OEM (Engineering visit may be required)
  • Expedited delivery available for dryer/heads
  • Reconditioning and repair services available

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