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GL&V commonly supplies custom dryer bearing assemblies. These can be accommodate most machines regardless of OEM. Conversion assemblies to eliminate older rocker/ladder type bearings can be custom designed and manufactured. Assemblies for conversion to roller bearings from older bronze or babbit types can also be custom designed and supplied.

GL&V designs and manufactures custom bearing housings on a regular basis. Many older machines have custom geometry bearing assemblies that are no longer supported. GL&V can supply replacements or improved versions to mount into these existing locations. Improvements include conversions from bronze bearings or babbit types to roller bearings (head modification or replacement required), Conversion to expansion compensating bearing designs from older rocker or ladder style housings, or larger dryer bearings to mate to older dryer frames without centerline height or footprint variations.

  • Cast iron and fabricated steel housing types are available
  • Rolling element/race assemblies provided by preferred bearing OEM’s
  • Bearing assemblies designed to modern standards (adequate lubrication porting etc.)
  • Designs based on 200,000 hours minimum bearing life (A.F.B.M.A. Definition) when possible


  • Modern bearings can be installed into existing dryer or felt roll positions with no change in bearing foot print or centerline height
  • Older configurations altered to modern standards
  • Rapid delivery
  • Custom designed and manufactured for specific location and purpose, not “one size fits all” approach of off-the-shelf assemblies

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