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Celleco Twister® Hydrocyclone

The Celleco Twister® Hydrocyclone technology is a high-consistency (up to 2%), high-efficiency (3 in 1), 3"/76 mm diameter Hydrocyclone with Mid-Cone Dilution Technology, optimal for high demand applications. With its energy savings potential of 50% lower applied energy and lower reject rates than conventional Hydrocyclones, our Celleco Twister Hydrocyclone technology can be a true money saver.

The Celleco Twister® Hydrocyclone is a radical new concept in hydrocyclone technology. The concept houses three forward cleaners in a single unit and each unit is equipped with the patented two-stage Celleco Twister Hydrocyclone working together with the patented pending mid-cone dilution technology.

  • Cleaner Unit Material: High Grade Plastics
  • Structure & Headers: Stainless Steel
  • Superior cleaning performance
  • Celleco® Twin Wall design
  • See-through outer shell design for easier maintenance
  • Energy savings

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