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Celleco® Tripac™ 90 Family

A Family Cleaner Option for Tight Spaces

The Celleco® Tripac™ 90 Cleaner Family utilizes a 2.4 inch diameter cleaner for fitment into a canister design that requires a compact footprint. The Tripac 90 Cleaner Family contains the Tripac 90 forward cleaners for heavy weight removal, the Tripac 90R for light weight removal , the Tripac 90RT for light weight removal as well as accept thickening and the Tripac 90FR optimized for fractionation. The Tripac 90 cleaners are ideal in front of pulp dryers.

  • Cleaner Unit Material: High Grade Plastic
  • Structure & Header: Stainless Steel
  • Maintenance time cut in 2/3’s vs. similar sized cone design
  • Feed, Accept and Reject orifices optimized for stable operation
  • Simple to operate
  • No Insertion or Extractor tools (hand held or pneumatic) needed for canisters

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