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Celleco® Cleanvac®

When air is a problem for the papermaker, the Celleco® Cleanvac® technology will efficientaly remove all types of air. These are:

  • Free Air - That air which will rise to the surface if time allows
  • Bounded Air - Microscopic bubbles that are entrapped in or bound to the fibers
  • Dissolved Air - Air bonded to the aqueous solution - may turn into bounded air

All three air types can cause their own set of problems for the papermaker and these include:

  • Increased slime deposition
  • Reduced hydraulic stability
  • Sheet holes
  • Reduced sheet formation/drainage rates
  • Reduced wet strength 

The Celleco® Cleanvac® technology works buy boiling the stock under vacuum, while impinging the stock against the Celleco Cleanvac tank’s roof. This ensures an air free accept out of the tank. Further, the Celleco Cleanvac tank is a clean design, that is, there are no internal pipes below the liquid level that can cause leakage as well as stringing locations. That is because the impinging headers are all located above the liquid level.

  • Unit Material: Stainless Steel
  • High air removal efficiency
  • Clean leakproof desing
    • No build-ups (filler)
    • No hang-ups (fibre), due to smooth tank bottom without a lot of small impinging pipes and due to electrolytic polished surface

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