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Celleco® Cleanpac® 270 Family

The Celleco® Cleanpac® 270 Cleaner Family utilizes a 2.4 inch diameter cleaner for fitment into a bank design that gives the operator total control over the cleaner bank as the rejects are visually accessible and cleaners can be shut off to perform maintenance on the run. The Cleanpac 270 Cleaner Family contains the Cleanpac 270 forward cleaners for heavy weight removal, the Cleanpac 270R for light weight removal and the Cleanpac 270 RT for light weight removal as well as accept thickening.

  • Cleaner Unit Material: High Grade Plastic
  • Structure & Header: Stainless Steel
  • Maintenance time cut in 2/3’s vs. similar sized cone design
  • Feed, Accept and Reject orifices optimized for stable operation
  • Banks utilizing Celleco® Twin Wall design
  • Simple to operate
  • Flexible Satellite System Configuration with valve option

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