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Celleco® CRC Bottom Dilution

The GL&V Continuous Reject Control, CRC, is a developed improvement of an old established concept, and assures an uninterrupted operation as well as more efficient separation of heavy rejects. In overloaded Systems the CRC solution can provide significant release from plugging problems and recover fiber by downwards spraying dilution water to ensure high separation efficiency while reducing the thickening factor.

The pressurized dilution water enters the cleaner in the center through the reject chamber and thus washes and dilutes the thickened reject by displacing the fiber going in the reject. The dilution water is fed close to the center of the cleaner, radially downward near the reject area, while still making sure the vortex is kept intact.

  • Unit material: SS & Plastic
  • Reduced reject rate by weight/fiber losses
  • Sand removal can benefit from CRC dilution
  • CRC technology is most beneficial at higher consistencies and on removal of sand
  • Reduced number of cleaner stages with maintained high fiber recovery
  • Water quality: less than 200 ppm or clear filtrate to be used

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